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Our History

Midwest First Star Inc. is a proud franchisee of Hardee’s operating a total of 30 restaurants in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. We are a company that excels at two things; restaurant management and growth. We are currently managing a total of 2 brands and 30 units in four states; a number we have reached from our proud beginning twelve years ago. Today we employe more than +1100 people.

Despite our rapid growth and expansion throughout Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and New York, MFS has maintained a close-knit family culture in which every individual is treated with mutual support and respect.

Current Operation:
30 Hardee’s locations with three more under development in Indiana

Khalis Milk
Midwest First Star Inc. has started Khalis Dairy, a new business in Pakistan that values the importance of organic and chemically-free dairy and dairy products. Khalis Milk Dairy Farm located in Kasur city and provides fresh milk to major cities in Pakistan. Farooq Shah is now striving to ensure that the people of Pakistan are going to be able to receive clean and organic dairy including milk, strawberry milk, Almond milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, yogurt glass and desi ghee.


Farooq Shah, is a discerning business man with a passion for good food. He currently managing 28 Hardee’s locations across the Midwest.

Dedicated to the ideal of an efficient and satisfying dining experience, He has developed and managed restaurant chains for over 17 years. In 1995, he began his restaurant managing career as the owner and operator of a Nathan’s Famous and Arthur Treacher’s.

Distinguishing his shrewd decisions, Farooq Shah was awarded the “Sales Excellence Award” for increasing sales 26% for fiscal year of 1997. Based on early success with Nathan’s and Arthur’s, in 1998, Farooq became the Operator and Manager of seven Dunkin Donuts chains. To this day, Farooq Shah still operates and manages those locations.

Farooq Shah’s successful career in the restaurant industry rests on a foundation of excellence in investment banking. Farooq began this career in the early 1990′s as an investment banker with Atlas Investment Bank LTD. In this position, Farooq was able to develop an eye for successful businesses and the managerial decisions which lead to their successes.

Farooq’s current passion is Hardee’s and his new restuarant venture, Midwest First Star. Farooq Shah has made it his mission to bring a sound, satisfactory dining experience to millions of americans in the Midwest United States. Farooq Shah is happy to assist you as part of his journey.

Mike Mehmood, has 12+ years of restaurant experience. Mike grew up very close to the restaurant business. Mike successfully operated and managed seven Dunkin’ Donuts. Mr. Mehmood has continued to increase sales with fast and friendly service. He has a strong drive for improvement and success which is always easy to see. He is a master at keeping restaurant employees motivated, while at the same time educated variables that add up to success.

Bill Daughtery, has 21+ years of service with Hardees and works as the District Manager for Indianapolis. Bill has nine stores working under him and has quite a track record improving his stores quickly. In 2011 he managed to find ways to cut food cost dramatically in all of his stores. Bill is known for his high standards of quality control and is always striving to improve upon himself. Mr. Bill understands the importance of his employees and continually seeks new ways to bring them closer to promote a welcoming work environment.

Rachel Paterson is great team leader, she has the qualities of a successful leader, District Manager of 8 successful stores in the Dayton ohio area. Exceeded sales and profit goals from -14% to 8%. Elevated the district to #1 in sales 8 months in a row. Tied for first place among 9 districts with the lowest shrink in the company in 2010 thru 2013. Launched an award winning inventory control process that was adopted company wide. Excelled in building and motivating management and hourly teams. Developed many entry level associates to leadership positions which quickly became one of the primary trainers for all new hires company wide.

Mr. Reggie hash over 30 years of experience in different Leardership rolls which he has been very effective in. He has worked his way up from being a crew member to becoming a District manager He look at all situations as a Owner would do. He take a great deal of pride in everything he do for company.