Our Team

Our Team

“Unity is strength and when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Farooq Shah


Farooq Shah, is a discerning business man with a passion for good food. He currently manages 28 Hardee’s locations across the Midwest. Dedicated to the ideal of an efficient and satisfying dining experience, He has developed and managed restaurant chains for over 17 years. In 1995, he began his restaurant managing career as the owner and operator of a Nathan’s Famous and Arthur Treacher’s.

Distinguishing his shrewd decisions, Farooq Shah was awarded the “Sales Excellence Award” for increasing sales 26% for fiscal year of 1997. Based on early success with Nathan’s and Arthur’s, in 1998, Farooq became the Operator and Manager of seven Dunkin Donuts chains. To this day, Farooq Shah still operates and manages those locations.

Farooq Shah’s successful career in the restaurant industry rests on a foundation of excellence in investment banking. Farooq began this career in the early 1990′s as an investment banker with Atlas Investment Bank LTD. In this position, Farooq was able to develop an eye for successful businesses and the managerial decisions which lead to their successes.

Farooq’s current passion is Hardee’s and his new restaurant venture, Midwest First Star. Farooq Shah has made it his mission to bring a sound, satisfactory dining experience to millions of Americans in the Midwest United States. Farooq Shah is happy to assist you as part of his journey.

Mr Farooq Shah

Bill Daugherty

Vice President

Ibtahaj Farooq

Asst. Vice President

Zahid Iqbal


Zahid Iqbal is a Chartered Accountant (ACCA) with 9 years of senior management level experience in the Financial sector indifferent countries in the Far East, Central Asia, Middle East, Europe, and America.

He served in multinationals Companies as head of Accounts & Finance Dept. In his previous assignment with Edwags (Pvt) Ltd, he held key executive responsibilities as a Finance & Operational head of the Company. He has also worked with Litco Group Sharjah UAE as a Financial and Management Consultant. In Aug 2020, he joined our team as a Group Chief Financial Officer. He takes care of all the financial affairs of MFS's 30 Hardee's restaurants across the US and Kasur Dairy (Pvt) Ltd and Kasur Tech Management (SMC-Pvt) Ltd in Pakistan. Under his supervision, our group is progressing towards betterment in terms of all financial and strategic matters.

Nicole Cox

District Manager

District Manager

District Manager

Roger Armstrong

District Manager

Casey Langley

Training Director

Ahsan Saleem

Head of IT Manager

Naeem Nayar

Accountant Manager

Social Media Manager